Congressional Bank

ACH Credit/Debit Origination

Make cash flow management easier by automating your payments and/or collections.

Benefits of ACH Debit and Credit Origination:

  • Enable faster processing of payments and cut paper cost
  • Increase payee and/or employee satisfaction through prompt payment
  • More predictable settlement and cash flow
  • Reduce lost checks instances and fraud expenses

An easy to use automated clearing house (ACH) feature for business customers, allowing them to set up, manage and monitor their high-priority transactions

  • Create one time, future-dated and recurring ACH transactions
  • Easily originate transactions using the ACH file upload feature or predefined templates
  • Import NACHA formatted CSV or fixed-length files into ACH templates and save them for future use.
  • Access reports with a summary of notification of changes (NOCs) and returns- including auto-update capability

Supported transaction types

  • Company- to company (CCD and CCD+)
  • Company to consumer (PPD)
  • Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX and CTX+)
  • Federal and tax payments

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