Deposit Accounts

Commercial Checking Commercial NOW Checking* Commercial Analysis Checking Non-Profit Checking Political Checking Commercial Statement Savings Commercial Money Market
Check Writing Access
(limited to 6 per month)
Pays Interest**
Call for Current Rates
Monthly Maintenance Fee $10 $10 $10 $0 $10 $10 $10
Minimum balance requirement to waive monthly maintenance fee*** $1,000 $1,500 Earnings Credits are calculated based on checking account balances and used to offset fees. Balances required to offset fees vary depending on volume of transactions and services used each month. Minimum relationship balance $100,000 to be eligible for this account $1,000 $500 $2,500
Withdrawal Transaction Limits 6 per month 6 per month
Statement Cycle Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Quarterly Monthly
Congressional Bank Debit & ATM Card
Free "Anywhere" ATM Withdrawals Per Month**** 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
Free Online Banking with Bill Pay
E-Statements Available
Cash Management Services
Additional Features Nonprofit Banking Political Banking
Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit
* Available only for sole proprietors and non-profit entities
** Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly with the exception of Statement Savings which is credited quarterly
*** Calculated based on daily collected balance
**** Congressional Bank Fees and other banks fees are credited back to customer account. Effective September 1, 2014, all accounts will receive 7 Free "Anywhere" ATM withdrawals per month. IOLTA and MAHT Accounts Available.

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