Congressional Bank


With recent developments surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to assure you that we’re taking measures to help prevent the spread.

What we are doing

Instituted an appointment-only policy.

Increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting door handles, teller counters and other surfaces throughout the day.

Refrain from shaking hands.

Assist clients by phone and secure email in the event they cannot come to the branch.

We encourage you to

Test your ATM/Debit Card to ensure you can access cash and make purchases.

Test your login to online banking and mobile banking to ensure you can bank from home.

Refrain from coming into the branch if you are sick. You can mail deposits to our branch for processing or drop an envelope in our night depository.

Refrain from shaking hands.

CDC guidance for Coronavirus prevention

We encourage all clients to refer to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for more information