Congressional Bank

Our Commitment to ESG

Responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are central to our commitment to all of our stakeholders.  We are committed to embedding sustainability in the foundation of our business and we believe high standard ESG practices are entirely aligned with creating long term value. 

In our judgment, companies that successfully integrate best-in-class ESG practices and drive top-tier financial performance will thrive, positioning them to make the biggest impact on advancing multi-stakeholder capitalism. This is our goal.  By embedding ESG practices into our mission, across our operations, and as part of our loan selection and capital allocation process, we are reimagining how a financially successful bank should operate in a changing world.  We don’t pretend, however, to have all the answers.  Our goal is one of consequence, but our insight as to the road ahead is only partial. We must be self-aware and engage in continual learning, reevaluation, and adaptation. 

We think of ESG as a collection of responsibilities, which we are committed to both now and into the future.

Our Responsibility to Our Employees:

The strength of our employees directly impacts the strength of the overall enterprise. We are committed to utilizing nondiscriminatory hiring practices, providing competitive and equitable wages and benefits to all employees, supporting professional development, and providing the flexibility our employees need to be successful.

Our Responsibility to Our Customers:

We are committed to serving our customers, including businesses, individuals, and investors in meeting their financing and financial needs by providing creative, flexible, reliable, and highly specialized solutions.  We operate in a manner consistent with the highest standards of professionalism and business ethics.

Our Responsibility to Our Community:

We are committed to maintaining a strong linkage with our community through corporate donations and grants, involvement in community organizations aligned with our values, and encouraging employee volunteerism. We are also committed to supporting a diverse group of small businesses through our purchasing decisions. 

Our Responsibility to Our Environment:

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through thoughtful management of our operations and capital allocation process. Specifically, we are committed to achieving a net zero carbon impact from our current operations by 2021 and supporting the broader society-wide goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Our Responsibility to Our Shareholders:

We are committed to embracing strong governance practices, being transparent about our business activities, operating in a manner consistent with our Values, Code of Business Conduct and Business Objectives, fostering diversity and inclusion, following all laws, and operating to a high standard with respect to our Regulators.