Congressional Bank

Systems Upgrade

Congressional Bank Healthcare Lending team continues to upgrade our technology and systems to better serve you!

Thank you for your participation in the eBanking systems upgrades. We are now in the final phase of our upgrade which will take place over the weekend of October 23-25, 2020.

What’s Changing?

Business eBanking:
Business eBanking – Access unavailable 6:30pm October 23 through 8:30am October 26.

Deposit History – 90 days of transactions will be accessible after the conversion weekend. History will build to become 540 days going forward.

ACH Cut Off Time – 5pm EST on October 23 only. Cutoff time is 7:30pm EST October 26 onward.

eStatements – An Administrator must re-enroll before any sub-users have access.

Quickbooks – DirectConnect users need to contact Congressional Bank Customer Service.

Mobile Banking – On October 26 an update will be pushed to every user and you must accept the update to resume using it.

New Feature – In addition to statements, tax statements and deposit notices will be available October 26.

CD Accounts – Available on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

NO CHANGES: Login Credentials, ACH & Wire Templates, Scheduled & Recurring ACH and Outgoing Wires, Alerts & Notifications, Business Bill Pay, Internal Transfers, ACH Positive Pay, Quickbooks WebConnect, Remote Deposit Capture

Statements – October statements end October 23, 2020. Account activity from October 24 – October 30 will be included on the November statement. Balance requirement service fees will be waived for the November statement cycle. Statement appearance will be different and account numbers, except last four digits, will be masked.

Analysis Checking – Analysis fees will be waived for the November statement cycle. Beginning December 2020, analysis fees will be deducted from these accounts as applicable on the 10th calendar day of each month. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the fee will be deducted on the next available business day.

New Functionality – Elect to receive receipts for teller transactions by email. Electronically sign many documents that formerly required physical signatures.

NO CHANGES: Deposit Account Numbers, Checks, Overdraft Protection

• Business eBanking unavailable from 6.30pm EST
October 23rd through 8.30am EST October 26th
• ACH cut-off – 5pm EST on October 23rd only.
(it will be 7.30pm EST from October 26th onward)

• MOBILE BANKING – ACCEPT the update in order to continue using it.
• USE NEW LINK – Logon to (don’t use your old link)
• eSTATEMENTS & DISCLOSURE – Administrators must login 1st! (sub-users will get an error message if Administrators do not login 1st) The Administrator will receive a prompt to accept or decline the disclosure for enrollment in eStatements; if the Admin accepts, all the sub-users will have access to eStatements. If the Administrator declines, the company will default to paper statements and there will be a disclosure of about a fee for paper statements .

If you have any questions about the upcoming transition, please contact:
NEW Customer Service at 240.380.1230

Remote Deposit 866.783.5499
Temporary Limit Changes to Wires /ACH/ RDC Online Banking Portal Select:
“Contact Us”
You can expect a
30 minute response time.