Congressional Bank

Fee Schedule


The following is a list of standard charges and fees in connection with Congressional Bank accounts

Effective: April 25, 2016
Revised: May 5, 2017


Account Closing (within 90 days of opening)
(Checking, Savings and Money Market)
Account Research of Reconciliation
(Includes information needed for a subpoena)
$50.00 – per hour
Account Verification
(Per account, no charge for CD or closed accounts)


Initial Set up Fee $100.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee $10.00
Return Item Processing $2.00
Manual Settlement Entry $10.00
Received Credit $0.15
Received Debit $0.12
FEDI Addenda$1.00
FEDI Statement $1.25

Fees Cont.

ATM/Debit Replacement Card $10.00 (First replacement is no charge)
Cash – per $1,000.00 Deposited $1.25
Currency – per $1,000.00 Supplied$1.50
Cashier’s Check $10.00
Check Copies $5.00 – each
Check Printing Charges – printed by Deluxe $60.00 & up*
(Depending on the check type ordered)
Coin per roll supplied $0.23
Coin rolling $0.25 – per roll
Debits$0.15 – per item
Deposit Correction$5.00 – per deposit
Dormant AccountDormant Account
Escheatment Fee$30.00 – at the time of Escheatment
Excess Activity Fee (Money Market Accounts)$20.00 (Per item, for transfers/withdrawals in excess of stated limits)
Foreign Item Deposit Fee$20.00 – per item
Legal Process$100.00 – per order (Levies, Attachments, Garnishments)
Lockbox$150.00 – setup fee
$60.00 – monthly fee
Maintenance Fee (DDA Account)$10.00
Maintenance Fee (Savings Account)$5.00
Multiple Address for statement delivery$10.00 – per address
Multiple Address for statement delivery$10.00 – per address
Overdraft Funds Paid Charge$32.00 – per item presented
Nonsufficient Funds Return Charge$32.00 – per item presented
Positive Pay$150.00 – setup fee
$60.00 – monthly fee
1st Continuous Overdraft Charge$5.00
Recurring Overdraft Charge$5.00
Recurring Transfer (Internal/External)$5.00 – one time set up fee
Remote Deposit Capture$250.00 –setup fee
$60.00 – monthly
$0.09 – per item
Repurchase Agreement Account$150.00 – setup fee
$75.00 – monthly
Returned/Reprocessed Item Handling Fee$7.50
Returned/Reprocessed Item Handling Fee – to different address$10.00
Returned/Reprocessed Item Handling Fee – Special Handling$10.00

Safe Deposit Boxes

Only available at the Bethesda branch

Size 2 – 3 x 5$50.00 – per year
Size 3 – 5 x 5$75.00 – per year
Size 4 – 3 x 10$100.00 – per year

Fees Cont.

Statement Copy$5.00 – per statement
Stop/Hold Fee$30.00
Sweep Account$150.00 – setup fee
$75.00 – monthly
Uncollected Funds (per item presented)$32.00
Wire Transfer – Incoming Domestic$10.00
Wire Transfer – Incoming International$15.00
Wire Transfer – Outgoing Domestic$25.00
Wire Transfer – Outgoing International$35.00
Wire Transfer – Notification$5.00
Wire Transfer – Tracer$20.00
Zero Balance Account / Sweep$150.00 – setup fee
$75.00 – monthly

Non-Profit Accounts

When an aggregate average balance of 1000,00 is maintained in the Non-Profit Checking, Non-Profit Money Market , and Non-Profit CB, then all fees will be waived exclusive of Overdraft Funds Paid Charge & Non-sufficient Funds Return Charges and Recurring Overdraft Charge.